Rozalia Russian x Billini
We've collaborated with style queen Rozalia Russian on a brand new range! This is not a drill — the Rozalia Russian x Billini collection is here! If you're curious about what shoes are included in the Rozalia Russian and Billini collection, look no further. We'll take you through some of our faves!

We all know that Rozalia Russian loves naked look strappy stilettos. Check out the range styles on our website and get your glam on!

For something more classic, how about a pair of chic pumps? The pointed toe is a style that never goes out of fashion, so you can wear these beauties for years to come!

When we think about Rozalia Russian shoes, the mule comes straight to mind. Fabulous for lengthening the leg, this collection has classic neutral and bold statement colourways to fit your every mood.

Rozalia Russian Shoes Collection
The Billini Rozalia Russian collection isn't only shoes! There are boots galore too, to cover you for year round seasonal dressing.

Why not make a statement and go for a pair of long boots? Perfect for wearing with a short hemline on a night out, or with jeans tucked in for a sleek silhouette!

Now you've heard enough about the collection, you might be wondering where can I buy the Rozalia Russian and Biillini collection? Right here. The Rozalia Russian collection is available exclusively on our website or at Billini stores. Why are you still here? Go go go!